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Are you a SEO,SMM Company
Hire/Contract SEO assistants for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.

Hire Virtual assistants for Internet research, Online submission, Data Capturing.

Hire individual or team for various manual tasks which are laborious, time consuming.

Virtual Assistant

There are various tasks which are laborious, time consuming, boring and needs to be done manually. These tasks when carried out inhouse are costly as it involves resource cost, infrastructure cost, administrative cost, team management and so on. So, for these tasks just contact AAPNA Data and be relieved of all the costs and tension. Below are few tasks carried out under Data Processing Unit :

  • Internet research.
  • Online submission.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Data Capturing & Entry.
  • Data Conversion.

Internet Research :

A growing area is Internet research. It includes any activity where a topic is provided by the client. A dedicated team is formed for that client and then an effort is made to actively gather information for the purpose of furthering processing. The resulting data is provided to the client in whatever format they require.

Online Submission :

Internet marketing is todays mantra and is the only way to attract and increase the targeted online traffic, increase sales conversation and leverage your brand image and value. The online submission team at AAPNA Data Service helps to achieve the goal by means of manual submission in the form of article submission, directory submission, bookmarking, blog posting etc.

Data Analysis :

We provide accurate data entry services from various formats like hand written originals, typed copy or scanned image. We have the industry experience, state-of-the art technology, and flexibility to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our specially trained operators are experts in key-board operating skills. We can help client to accelerate business process by collecting paper documents, forms & e-documents and transforming them into accurate retrievable information and delivering it into their business applications & databases.

Data Conversion :

Easy access to data ensures any business to function effectively & saves a considerable amount of time and money. Our skilled staff converts unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats and finally into a powerful management resource. We help you, to convert your valuable data stored and accumulated over the years in the form of paper files or reports, before it gets soiled or lost.

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