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Are you a SEO,SMM Company
Hire/Contract SEO assistants for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.

Hire Virtual assistants for Internet research, Online submission, Data Capturing.

Hire individual or team for various manual tasks which are laborious, time consuming.

SEO Assistant

We know that there are a number of SEO tasks that may need to be accomplished, but you may not want to deploy valuable in-house SEO resources in carrying out SEO tasks that are either time consuming or labor intensive. Outsourcing these SEO tasks to AAPNA Data can be the solution to the problem.

The most commonly outsourced SEO tasks include :

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Link Exchange
  • Submissions (Directory/Article etc.)

Listed above are few of the most common SEO tasks that are generally assigned to us by our clients.If you have other specific SEO tasks that you want to outsource, write to us or call us. We have a team of in-house SEO resources who are waiting to start working on yourcan undertake your SEO activities at much lower costs than in-house SEO resources. You can also consider contracting dedicated resources for all your SEO activities or for partial activities.

Putting together a competent SEO team can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor for SEO companies or established online marketing agencies alike. High quality SEO resources are expensive and scarce. SEO freelancers aren't always dependable and agencies can be prohibitively expensive for small and growing businesses.

Imagine the comfort it would be if an agency put together your SEO team for less than the cost of a dedicated in-house resource. The agency takes the responsibility of hiring and training SEO resources, is responsible for SEO continuity even if and when team members resign, and bring to the table the extended experience of all their SEO resources.

AAPNA Data offers dedicated search engine optimization resources for your project.This ensures focus and concerted effort. It is almost like hiring an in-house team member, but for a fraction of the cost. This reduces the worry of hiring, infrastructure costs, training or other issues of employing an in-house resource. For small and growing businesses, this can be the most cost-effective way to build an SEO team, without the associated costs and responsibilities.

Our SEO Team

Our SEO team comprises of skilled SEO resources who are experienced in a wide variety of projects. This collective experience is made available to every project through intensive brain storming meetings, reviews of work accomplished and other internal processes that ensure that you get the most of our resident SEO capability. Our SEO Team members are experienced in working as dedicated resources one-on-one on exclusive client projects. They work closely with the client ensuring that the SEO is headed in the right direction. Periodic reporting of work done ensures that you are as much a part of the progress as you would be with an in-house SEO resource.

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