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Are you a SEO,SMM Company
Hire/Contract SEO assistants for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.

Hire Virtual assistants for Internet research, Online submission, Data Capturing.

Hire individual or team for various manual tasks which are laborious, time consuming.


  • Save on hiring & training cost
  • Save on time & effort
  • Save on administrative cost
  • Save on expensive software
  • Save on infrastructure

Why Outsource to Us?

We know that there are a number of SEO taskss that may need to be accomplished, but you may not want to deploy valuable in-house SEO resources in carrying out SEO tasks that are either time consuming or labor intensive. Outsourcing these SEO tasks to AAPNA Data can be the solution to the problem.

Dedicated Account Manager :

Your account manager will act as a single point of contact and team leader for your resource(s). No need to manage individual resources, your account manager will be at your service to answer all your queries.

Hours Usage Details :

You can track your purchased hours usage and project status round the clock.

Absolute Hours Usage :

We understand that you are paying for hours. All your resources will work for 8 hours per day excluding lunch time or other pleasure breaks from Monday to Friday.

Work Compensation :

If your hired person is absent in any working day (may be for sickness etc.) he/she will compensate the work loss by working on any Saturday. For longer period of absence, he/she will be replaced with another same qualified person. Your work will not be hampered under any circumstances.

Quality Control Team :

We do a thorough analysis of your project report before delivering it to you or your clients. We guarantee 100% quality work and error free reporting always.

We Remain Invisible to Your Clients :

We never contact or send unsolicited mails to your clients. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your privacy.

No Setup Fees :

Only pay for the hiring and nothing else!

Contact Us :

Call us : +91 923-335-5674
Email :