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Are you a SEO,SMM Company
Hire/Contract SEO assistants for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.

Hire Virtual assistants for Internet research, Online submission, Data Capturing.

Hire individual or team for various manual tasks which are laborious, time consuming.

About Us

AAPNA Data allows you to directly hire resources at a fixed monthly price. A dedicated offshore team is the best approach for clients who have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. At AAPNA Data, you can hire resources based on your actual requirements. We follow a stringent recruitment policy, employ quality process, ensure that your work gets done by our well efficient experienced employee. When working with us, your margins increase - it´s that simple.

Mission :

To build strong and trusty relationships with its clients by providing high quality, secured, time bound and cost effective service.

Vision :

To be an effective service provider by creating employment amongst the youth and skilled workforce at large, through AAPNA Data and be an intellectual and social asset to the community and environment.

Quality :

We work hard to achieve the highest degree of accuracy possible using a variety of methods and tools depending on project specifications and client requirements.

Experienced Work Force :

All our work is done by a very experienced work force all of whom have worked for both international & Domestic clients. Most employees have been with us since the beginning, resulting in a highly-skilled, efficient data processing work force and first class service. That means quality data in the shortest possible time.

Infrastructure :

We are equipped with latest workstations, complete power backup, 24 hrs support, high speed internet with lab space to accommodate more than 40 agents.

Data Security & Privacy :

We use a thin client model, which means that all work is done on the central servers. NOTHING ever leaves our servers. Images, data, and all processing stay on the central servers. Data entry operators do not have the access to confidential data and cannot print or download images or data. As an added measure, when privacy requirements demand it, we can "split" the work and have different parts of the document keyed by different data entry operators. Thus, a single data entry operator would never have access to an entire document. click here

Contact Us :

Call us : +91 923-335-5674
Email :