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Are you a SEO,SMM Company
Hire/Contract SEO assistants for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.

Hire Virtual assistants for Internet research, Online submission, Data Capturing.

Hire individual or team for various manual tasks which are laborious, time consuming.

Welcome To AAPNA Data

AAPNA Data allows you to directly hire resources at a fixed monthly price. A dedicated offshore team is the best approach for clients who have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations.

At AAPNA Data, you can hire resources based on your actual requirements. We follow a stringent recruitment policy, employ quality process, ensure that your work gets done by our well efficient experienced employee. When working with us, your margins increase - it´s that simple.

Who can benefit from us?

  • Firms/companies providing SEO, SMM services.
  • Online marketing agencies.
  • SEO consultants
  • Organization wanting to cut cost in terms of in-house resources.

We share resources on two main fronts:

  • SEO resources for SEM. SMM, SMO activities.
  • IRE for activities like Internet research, Online submission, Data Analysis, Data Capturing.

Hire our SEO Resources / Assistants

We know that there are a number of SEO tasks that may need to be accomplished, but you may not want to deploy valuable in-house SEO resources in carrying out SEO tasks that are either time consuming or labor intensive. Outsourcing these SEO tasks to AAPNA Data can be the solution to the problem. Here is how outsourced SEO tasks work:

  • A certain number of man hours are contracted on a monthly basis.
  • Our SEO team members execute these tasks as if they were members of your team.
  • Your SEO tasks are done without having to add in-house work force, and at a lower cost as compared to adding in-house resources
  • These SEO tasks are carried out as per your guidelines and documentation standards.
  • The resource work during your office time.

Hire Our Internet Research Executives

There are various tasks which are laborious, time consuming, boring and needs to be done manually. These tasks when carried out inhouse are costly as it involves resource cost, infrastructure cost, administrative cost, team management and so on. So, for these tasks just contact AAPNA Data and be relieved of all the costs and tension. Below are few tasks carried out under Data Processing Unit :

  • Internet research.
  • Online submission.
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Capturing & Entry.
  • Data Conversion.

Contact Us :

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